How we help

Haber have chosen to partner and implement the projects through the charity A Glimmer of Hope, an exceptional organisation providing life enhancing capital and infrastructure projects and services to some of the poorest communities in Ethiopia.

Most importantly, the founders of A Glimmer of Hope fund all of the administrative costs and overheads of the work, so 100% of all donations go directly to Ethiopia.

A Glimmer of Hope has an innovative approach which tackles perpetuating poverty and provides sustainable change.  The charity engages directly with local community elders to identify the needs of the local population.  They then invest deeply and completely in the community, building schools and hospitals, digging wells, educating entrepreneurs and offering microfinance loans.  The charity secures contractual agreements with local authorities to fund the on-going revenue costs and the community themselves provide the labour for the arduous construction stage and once trained, support the ongoing maintenance of the various projects.

In just 10 years A Glimmer of Hope has invested £85 million in Ethiopia, completed 10,000 projects and has improved a phenomenal 5 million lives.

A very short video about A Glimmer of Hope can be found below:

Sir Bob Geldof, endorsing the work of Haber and A Glimmer of Hope, and encouraging other donors to join The Band Aid Charitable Trust as co-funders: